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Integrated approaches to Family Mediation

Achieve resolutions for you and your family through multi-party mediation that is centred around confidentiality, impartiality, flexibility and creativity.

Let’s start by talking

What is an Integrated approach to Family Mediation?

The traditional Family Mediation process typically has involved each party sitting with a family mediator either in the same room or different rooms whether that is in person or remote.

The intention is to provide you with a more sophisticated approach which retains the core mediation principles, whilst enabling you to work with our accredited mediator as well as other professionals where appropriate including your legal advisers, barristers and financial advisors to name but a few. We invite third parties into the process where we feel it may help you to move forward.

The name Integrated Family Mediation is relatively new, but the practice is actually well established. We have offered this type of flexibility for many years, but it is increasingly being applied by separating couples who value the involvement and contribution of professional parties in the mediation process. Ultimately the goal is the same - to help people in conflict (usually families) to find resolutions to their disputes away from court.

Some Family Mediators and Mediation Organisations often call this approach ’Hybrid Mediation’. The term 'Integrated Family Mediation' was introduced with the purpose of explaining more clearly what is involved in the process.

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Principles of Integrated Family Mediation:

VoluntarinessImpartialityConfidentiality – there are different levels to this and we will discuss with you when we feel that confidences should not be shared.

Participants make the decisions – if your lawyers are there it may be possible to enter into a binding agreement at the end of the mediation.InclusivitySustainability

What to expect from Integrated Family Mediation

The inherently flexible nature of this approach means that the direct involvement in the Mediation could take many forms but there are certain things you should expect:

As Mediators we will be focused throughout on helping the process to fit your family’s needs rather than hoping that the family will adapt to the process.

A professional approach with clear goals should third parties such as solicitors and financial advisors become involved.

Decisions will remain with you as the clients, which is a fundamental requirement for all forms of Mediation.

The Mediator will remain in control of the whole process.

At every stage there will be clarity about what is intended and a commitment from the Mediator to help your family progress.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions about how this approach might help you.